Black Friday Car Accessories Offers
25th November 2019
By Patrick Crow

This year we've got some extra special Black Friday offers for you to enjoy. Take a look at the great savings available...

Boot edge bumper protectors from RGM
21st November 2019
By Malcolm Carter

It’s usually only when it’s too late that you realise there is a need for a boot edge paint protector. Seems like a simple thing or an unnecessary expense, but if you’ve ever scratched the paintwork on your brand new car, you’ll know the feeling of despair and recognise the value. Modern bumpers and boot edges are usually colour coded and repairing a scratch or gouge is really expensive and inconvenient. RGM Rearguards are the perfect way to protect your car's painwork whilst adding subtle style.

How to choose your CoverZone car cover
9th September 2019
By Malcolm Carter

Keeping your pride and joy in pristine condition is really important for all car enthusiasts. This includes shielding your car from dust, adverse weather, harmful UV rays, bird droppings, scratches or the local cats who find your soft-top comfy. Carnoisseur now offer a full range of high quality CoverZone car covers, tailored to fit your specific vehicle, and suitable for a range of circumstances. Here are a few helpful tips on what to look out for when buying a car cover.

Protect your car from theft with Disklok
28th June 2019
By Malcolm Carter

Car thefts in the UK have nearly doubled over the last 5 years and this is partially linked to the rise in keyless car entry systems on modern premium vehicles. Classic cars and modern classics' value has also exploded and fuelled a further rise in car crime. We have reviewed the options to protect your vehicle and outline here the value of having a Disklok Steering Wheel Lock.

Road Hero Space Saver Spare Wheel Kits
12th April 2019
By Malcolm Carter

Spare wheels are being phased out by car manufacturers, but is this compromising drivers safety, convenience and their wallets? Is the Road Hero space saver wheel kit the ideal solution for complete peace of mind and safety?

The future of alloy wheels?
1st April 2019
By Patrick Crow

The team at Carnoisseur were recently given exclusive access to the research and development department of one of the UK’s largest wheel manufacturers. To our surprise, the biggest project they are currently investing in is the design and testing of square alloy wheels.

They believe that new square alloy wheels could dramatically cut manufacturing costs, whilst also enhancing performance through improved aerodynamics and weight savings.

Jetex Exhausts
20th March 2019
By Patrick Crow

Jetex exhausts have been made in Sweden since 1986. They are one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers in the aftermarket, and at Carnoisseur we have been dealing with them since day one - if you don’t believe us just check out this page from our 1986 catalogue!

Zunsport Grilles
6th March 2019
By Patrick Crow

Zunsport Grilles are a family business, that have been proudly manufacturing vehicle grilles in the West Midlands for three generations! The secret to their longevity and the popularity of their products is quite simple; they offer a high quality product that is simple to fit and does exactly what it is intended to do.

Momo Steering Wheels
4th January 2019
By Patrick Crow

Momo are the world's number one manufacturer of high quality steering wheels for both race and road. They have a heritage that stretches back over 50 years, with a proven track record that is the envy of their competitors.

H&R Wheel Spacers
11th December 2018
By Patrick Crow

It's often the small things that make a big difference. For instance, you wouldn't think that spacing out the wheels on your car by 5, 10 or 20 millimetres would make much of a difference to the way it looks or handles. You would be wrong!

Wheel spacers can make the difference between "so-so" and "spot-on". By reducing the arch-gap, spacers instantly create a more aggressive, attractive look whilst also widening the vehicle's overall track therefore improving handling.

New Piloti Pistone X Driving Shoes
28th November 2018
By Patrick Crow

Say hello to the new Piloti Pistone ‘X’. Building on the success of one of Piloti’s most popular shoes (the all leather Pistone), the Pistone X takes another step (excuse the pun) towards the perfect everyday driving shoe!