Wheel and Tyre Size Calculator

Calculate and compare dimensions of wheels and tyres, to make sure they're a good fit. Our calculator can tell you how a new tyre would effect your ride height, if a larger wheel would fit in your wheel arches, and so on.

You can also compare wheels and tyres, by clicking the Add Second Wheel button below, and entering a second set of wheel and tyre information. This is so you can compare the effect of a differently sized tyre, how an offset change would effect the stance of your vehicle, and make sure a new wheel won't interfere with your brakes.

We sell a huge range of alloy wheels, each available with tyres which can be installed and delivered to you, or fitted at one of our many outlets.

If you're stuck and need help or advice, you can read our alloy wheel buying guide, or feel free to get in touch.

Wheel Dimensions Diagram

Tyre Dimensions Diagram




Note: If you see NaN, it means you've entered an invalid input resulting in an error. Correct your input and try again.

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Wheel Offsets Diagram