Calibre Full Size Spare Wheels

Calibre Full Size Spare Wheels

Discover peace of mind on the road with Carnoisseur's range of Calibre Full Size Spare Wheel Kits. Designed to fit your car or van perfectly, our spare wheels are the correct size and load rating, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Ideal for customers who prefer a full-size spare over space-saving alternatives, our kits offer reliability and convenience when you need it most. With great value and fast delivery, Carnoisseur makes it easy to stay prepared for unexpected flat tyres.

In an era where many vehicles are supplied without a spare wheel, our full-size spare wheel kits provide a dependable solution, eliminating the need for unreliable tyre repair kits. Plus, enhance your roadside assistance with our optional accessory kit, featuring essential items for hassle-free tyre changes. Please explore our range of spare wheel options, and please feel free to contact us by email or phone if you need any assistance.

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