H&R PCD Adapters

H&R PCD Adapters

H&R PCD Adapters allow you to fit wheels with a different bolt pattern (PCD) and centre bore to your car. For example, you could use H&R Hub Adapters to fit Mercedes wheels to your VW, or Porsche wheels to your Audi. The range is extensive, and the possibilities are huge.

The adapters simply attach to your hub using the bolts supplied, and your new wheel fixes to the adapter using the wheel bolts supplied with the wheels. A number of widths are available, allowing you to get the perfect look and fit for your vehicle.

Tailor made for your car, H&R PCD Adapters can be fitted by a competent enthusiast or at one of our Fitting Centres.

Please select your vehicle from the list below. If your vehicle is not shown it simply means that H&R PCD Hub Adapters are not currently available for your car or van. Contact us for further expert advice.