Catalogue Archive

We published our first catalogue in 1981, and have published one every year since.

We have created a digital archive of our catalogues for you to enjoy. Please flick through them at your leisure; it gives you a great feeling of how the scene has developed over the last 35 years. You will be amazed at some of the products that used to be available and some that are still being sold after all these years!

Simply click on a catalogue cover below to open a complete, digital edition that you can flick through. Please note that the products and prices shown in these catalogues no longer represent what we currently offer. Please browse the products on our website for up-to-date products and prices.


1983 Catalogue
1983 Catalogue
Summer 1984 Catalogue
1984 Summer Catalogue
Winter 1984 Catalogue
1984 Winter Catalogue
1987-1988 Catalogue
1987-88 Catalogue
1988-1989 Catalogue
1988-89 Catalogue
Spring/Summer 1989 Catalogue
1989 Spring/Summer
Autumn/Winter 1989 Catalogue
1989 Autumn/Winter
1990 Catalogue
1990 Catalogue
Atumn/Winter 1991 Catalogue
1991 Autumn/Winter
Spring/Summer 1992 Catalogue
1992 Spring/Summer
Autumn/Winter 1992 Catalogue
1992 Autumn/Winter
Autum/Winter 1995 Catalogue
1995 Autumn/Winter
Spring/Summer 1996 Catalogue
1996 Spring/Summer
Spring 1999 Catalogue
1999 Spring
2002 Catalogue
2002 Catalogue
2006 Catalogue
2006 Catalogue