The Green Cotton Air Filter company was formed in 1995 and was born from the idea of designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying premium cotton air filters to the racing and motorsport industry. The experience and expertise gained from supplying customers like Citroen and Peugeot, as well as various motorsport teams has quickly promoted the company to becoming Europe's largest cotton air filter manufacturer.

Deep pleats in the cotton gauze ensure there is a 10-20% increase in surface area to draw more air into the engine. The cotton gauze is made up of a medium and fine layer to trap and hold dirt, dust and moisture particles as small as 0.50 microns. The gauze is held in place by a strong, fine alloy mesh that allows the filter to perform its job perfectly. In the year 2000 the prestigious EAQF manufacturing standard was awarded to Green Air Filters for consistent, high quality manufacturing standards. The range of filters is expanding all the time and the commitment to providing the customers with the best filtration technology available is always guaranteed.

Most of our Outlets will be able to offer a fitting service for Green air filters - please contact your local Outlet to find out more.