Don't expect fancy packaging... but do expect ease of use, fast results and an amazing shine. Poorboy's World Detailing Products sell because people simply love the results.

A favourite at car shows, Poorboy's might become one of your favourites too. Poorboy's have talked to thousands of car enthusiasts, listened to their concerns and needs, and developed a line of very unique detailing products. They are safe for use by any adult, and are safe on all finishes.

The Poorboys range now includes Poorboys Shampoo, Poorboys Polish and Wax, Poorboys Leather and Vinyl Cleaners, Poorboys Tyre Cleaner, Poorboys Wheel Sealants and a selection of other specialist car care products.

Carnoisseur are proud to offer al range of Poorboys products. The range is available online and from certain Carnoisseur Outlets that stock the selected range.